Bored in Self-Isolation? Here are some Recommendations

Have you ever gone to a relative’s house and been bored out of your mind? Or had to stay home and cancel your plans to meet up with your friends because it was raining and then not known what to do? Or been trapped in your house in self-isolation where you should not leave your house for weeks upon weeks? The thought of not going to school may have seemed fun but now that you cannot leave your house you have never wanted to go to school more. Even with work being set by schools online, we have so much more time on our hands and Netflix gets boring after a while. So how can you entertain yourself at home?

1) Learn a new skill: it can be a simple and quick one or one that takes longer to build up. You could learn how to do magic tricks, how to solve that pesky Rubik’s cube, learn a new language online with apps such as Duolingo or even learn a new instrument!


2) Do exercise: it may seem pointless as you cannot leave your house but it is important to do something every day, as it helps your mental wellbeing as well helps with focus. You can even build it up as a hobby. You can easily follow videos on YouTube on things such as yoga, dance, gymnastics and athletics.


3) Make playlists for your music. You can use Spotify and make different playlists for your different moods or look for new music to listen to


4) Be creative. Try drawing or painting or even make something.


5) Do those tasks you keep putting off. If you didn’t want to read that book for your English class, do it now!


6) Re-organise your room. Even if you cannot leave your house to buy things to decorate your room with, you can clean and rearrange it. Maybe even move the furniture around!


7) Don’t lose communication with your friends and family. You can still text and call them.


8) Start a new show that may be on BBC iPlayer, Netflix or even YouTube, just binge-watch something. If it’s a show in another language it can help you for your GCSEs 😉


9) Make a routine. You may want to keep to your school or work schedule but also try to create a routine for when you wake up and how you do your work because it will help you do things quicker as you get used to the routine.


Finally, make sure you are not just staying in your bed every day. Get up and get dressed when you have to do work. Talk to your friends, make something, do something. During these times, it is important to keep a good mental state so do what will make you happy and achieve something you didn’t have time to before. When you said I’ll do it later – now is later.

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