Christmas Lights By Eve Jarvis , Richard Challoner Sixth Form

Christmas lights are put up in streets and towns all over the world and are a major part of putting the public in the christmas spirit. The lights of Christmas are put up every year however it is easy to forget the meaning and where they came from. Many people like to say that the light represents the light of christ as overall that is the true meaning of why we celebrate christmas.

This certain christmas tradition started in Germany, before electricity was invented the tradition was to attach candles to the ends of the pines of christmas trees however once edison invented the light bulb this was no longer needed and he started to hang lights outside his house in the colours red,white and blue for show and get people to buy this new tradition. Hundreds of years later this tradition of Christmas lights is still upheld today.


One of the most famous Christmas lights in the world is the Rockefeller Centre in New York. Since 1931, the rockefeller christmas tree has been put up annually and is a 79 foot tree which 125 million people visit annually where 50,000 led multi coloured lights sit with a star on the top. After looking at the tree many people then go ice skating on the rink.  This excitement overall puts everyone in the Christmas spirit and inspires others to buy a tree or put Christmas lights in their own houses.


Another famous Christmas lights display is in Tokyo Skytree Town. In tokyo only 1% are christian and celebrate christmas so instead of putting interior lights up in their house they go to outside illuminations to embrace this time of year. The Tokyo skytree town has 420,000 lights and attracts many.


I visited the lights in Covent garden with my family and they were beautiful. Overall the lights added to the festive decorations that the shops had and were extremely eye-catching. One of the main events that happened was every hour fake snow would fall making crowds of people wanting to take photos and gather together. My sister Sophie  Jarvis said : “the lights really got me in the festive mood and looked spectacular” 


Overall it is clear that Christmas is a big part of many people’s lives and Christmas lights are one of the oldest traditions that are still upheld today and put many people in the festive mood. 


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