Deck The Halls (with donations!) – Neeraja Govindan, Greenshaw High School

Whilst statistics happily proved our fur babies have found their forever homes, weeping eyes told the stories of abandonment and missings since the start of the pandemic. 

Numerous lockdowns have casted a seemingly impenetrable gloom over many households but the companionship of a loving pet can claw anyone out of their cloud of misery. 


They dribble. They scratch. They beg consistently for food yet sashay away the second you present it. But they were the ultimate driving force of the lives of many owners during this pandemic. Not only did they offer distinctive support when their owners were at their utmost lowest, but they also represented a beacon of normalcy; dog owners were allowed to walk their dogs in socially distanced conditions. Clearly pets gave us our new found purpose. 


What happens if that purpose gets taken away? 


According to dog rescue centres and RSPCA, UK households cannot meet the demands of the 3.2 million pets acquired within the 3 lockdowns. Spokespeople for the Dog Trust have said “We have a dog in every kennel, and we have dogs with all our foster carers” but unfortunately all sorts of animals have been abandoned ranging from rabbits to lizards. 


Now what can we do about this crisis? 


As much as we’d like to rescue every whimpering pet, it’s not a one-man job. But at RSPCA workers have dedicated their lives to provide each one of our furry friends their utmost happiness. Yet with limited funds they’re restricted to minimum services however donations made at can broaden their loving horizon to above and beyond. 


Would you rather find missing posters at every street corner or become a part of a happily ever after? It’s your choice to make this Christmas so with that have very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


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