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Life in lockdown: different perspectives – by George Robertson, Parmiters School.

As of the 30th of April 2020, it has been 38 days since the judiciary hammer extended by the government’s arm crashed down to declare a nation wide lockdown. From that point forward, life has moved at a pallbearers pace. For many, days have merged into what feels an amalgamation of sludge, devoid of any unique individuality. The determination required to stick to a set out plan designed to prevent personal productivity from slipping below an unprecedented low has, particularly for school students, become the most difficult thing to attain; closely followed by a roll of toilet paper. This Is Local London | North-West…

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Gazing At Starlink Satellites, by Priyal Dhanjal, The Henrietta Barnett School for Girls

Elon Musk, an influential business tycoon known for creating Tesla and SpaceX, recently launched Starlink satellites into space. Many stargazers were animatedly waiting to catch sight of the series of Starlink satellites that were passing over the UK between the 22nd of April and 25th of April. The display of satellites lasted around 6 minutes, almost appearing to look like moving stars as they sprinted across the night sky. This Is Local London | North-West…

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