Funerals during the coronavirus crisis

The distress of losing relatives and friends during this period is amplified greatly by restrictions of human contact when grieving, as many can no longer rely on the comfort of friends and family at funerals and during grief periods. Inconsolable, so many are being deprived of the typical comfort of the support of family and friends at funerals, which cannot be replicated virtually.


In the past week, numerous local Shenley residents were angered by a commemorative gathering for a resident who recently died. Photos circulated, and many expressed disdain for the evident neglect of imposed social distancing measures, which were obviously not being adhered to as many gathered in close proximity. 


Though any neglect of social distancing should be criticised for the obvious danger this poses in the current climate, we also shouldn’t lack compassion towards the individual struggle of those mourning during such a challenging period. With the published daily death tolls, the suffering of so many families who would typically be inundated with the sympathy of relatives and friends is overlooked. Unfortunately, unlike most events scheduled to occur in the coming months of 2020, funerals and grief periods cannot be rescheduled until loved ones are reunited. Nationwide, a limit of ten can attend funerals, and social distancing measures remain imposed. Restrictions on the organisation of funerals cannot be criticised, as large gatherings pose a significant danger in preventing the spread of the virus. 


However, it should be appreciated that the company and presence of attendees at funerals can offer some degree of comfort at a very difficult time, and this element has sadly been lost.

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