Has Covid-19 allowed us to gain perspective?

Has Covid-19 allowed us to gain perspective?

We are currently living in a time where we have to social distance from each other and where we are strongly advised to only leave the house for essentials, life for many have been put on pause, and although it has been boring even with people still attempting to get on with work at home such as students have this break from: the rest of society, each other and the day to day chaos of life itself allowed one to gain perspective. When talking about perspective it is in regards to what actually matters in life at the end of the day. For example, if today was your last to live would you really care about: your salary, what university you went to or what job you had? Personally no, interpersonal relationships, having fun and creating memories is what matters since that is the one thing you leave people, as morbid as it sounds.

Although there has been some racial hate against different ethnic groups, people are also coming out to help one another such as the elderly who are at higher risk and can’t go out as much, people are donating some food to food banks, donations to help with spreading information and also working on the vaccine. It may seem like we are living in a helpless and hopeless time but when people are forced to care about the real things in life so much good can also be done. In this uncertain time, many people are taking more risks also; unfortunately, some students have been rejected from university which presumably is not the best feeling- however, it has allowed students and people to discuss the necessity of university and explore other options, some people are starting up new businesses others are falling back in love with past passions such as art. Even though these things before were seen as risky due to peoples new view and having to adapt to circumstances the risk of not going to university or setting up another business does not seem that great anymore.

This may feel like a dystopian world and yet families can spend more time with one another the lakes and skies are clearing up from the pollution. Parents with small children can wake up and hug them for an entire day, teenagers can chat with their parents more, your friend who you haven’t messaged in two years messaged you and you rebuild that friendship, which I think is pretty amazing.

Being in isolation personally has forced me to really think about what I want to actually do in my life and if what I’m doing right now actually makes me happy, and although I’m still working I have been able to talk to my people who I lost contact with, I’ve had more time to think about the future and I’m spending more time with my parents.

The NHS workers have been working so hard to try and combated and help those who have the virus which so I just wanted to leave a note at the end to just thank them. And to the people who are working at grocery stores who are potentially exposing themselves to the virus thank you. 

By Leena 

This Is Local London | North-West