In This Together by Maryam Ahmed, Kingsley Academy

Amidst the countless deaths and tear wrenching stories the media portrays, last week five members of staff made the trip to Kingsley Academy to create PPE equipment for health workers. And, as Ms Idris, one of the volunteers has said, “Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can help to transform the world.”


The idea blossomed when Ms Hawkes became inspired by the work others were doing, (as part of DATA, the Design and Technology Association) and formulated a plan to combat the shortages workers over the UK were facing. After emailing a few colleagues, Ms Hawkes, Ms Turner and her husband Steve, Ms Idris, and Ms Fiddes-Kapadia all came together to make this remarkable scheme occur. 


After a survey of the materials available by Ms Idris and Ms Hawkes, work began over a period of two days to create protective visors using polypropylene sheets and laser cutters. At a risk to themselves, these admirable adults came together and as Ms Parmar says, “I am very pleased that I had the opportunity to do my very, very little contribution for our frontline heroes.” And, while the task may appear miniscule in comparison to the strenuous hours spent tending to the ill, their care and consideration will have helped significantly. Afterall, if coronavirus is a battle then it is only when together that we can beat it.


Thanks to their combined efforts, 200 visors were the fruits of their hard work, and definitely an abundance of smiles more. And, astonishingly, all of this was done in the Design Technology rooms of Kingsley Academy. Following school closures, materials that had been ordered for GCSE projects were now put to good use- with Ms Hawkes, “proud that we have been able to make a small difference.”


The visors made were sent to nursing homes, GP clinics and health centres, all to help those who are most vulnerable in these troubling times.


This only goes to show how small events can make a world of a difference, and how anyone can help, no matter who they are or what they do. We are all in this together, and these exceptional people have served as a reminder, and role model to not only their students but the world, and anyone else spending quarantine in idle boredom. Not only should we commend their care, and passion for this country but also learn and become inspired from it, and ask ourselves, what more can we do?

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