Is this Pandemic a Call for Veganism? By Diya Khatri, Nower Hill High School

Time and time again, many life-threatening diseases have emerged as a result of consuming animals such as swine flu, bird flu and SARS. Covid-19 has only been the most recent example but has caused the most deaths. This leads us to the question: is it time to reconsider our eating choices?

Many countries are beginning to point the blame of the outbreak towards China but perhaps instead the blame should be pointed at those who eat meat. Unlike other outbreaks, Covid-19 has affected us on a global scale and has caused many more deaths (over 14,000 in the UK alone). It has had damaging economic impacts as well, forcing interest rates to a record-low 0.1%. The truth is this could have all been avoided if people would stop eating meat.

Moreover, veganism helps with climate change. Many protest against climate change, calling for action against pollution and fossil fuel usage but people fail to realise how effective veganism can be. It is estimated that 26% of global emissions come from food, specifically eating meat produce. In order to really stop climate change, eating meat must decrease especially eating beef and lamb.

Eating meat is not necessary to survive. Although it may be argued that meat provides a good source of protein, protein can also be found in other foods, such as nuts and beans. There is no real incentive to eat meat if you really want to protect the world.

The Solution:

Moving forward, there are many things that can be done to reduce the consumption of meat. The most effective could be to heavily increase the price of meat or reduce the price of non-meat alternatives. This could force people to buy alternatives, reducing the amount of meat being produced and eaten.

Additionally, government intervention could be used to discourage meat consumption. Although it would be unreasonable and ineffective to ban meat altogether, governments could start to use advertising to show the true effects of eating meat, in terms of health and on society.

If more people could go vegan, or even reduce the amount of meat they eat, pandemics like this could be minimised and climate change wouldn’t be as major of a problem. What’s holding you back?

Written by Diya Khatri Nower Hill High School

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