Lewisham Council reports vandalism to LTN signage to police

Lewisham Council has contacted the police after signage and a bollard within its Lee Green LTN were vandalised.  

Recently installed signage approaching the Dermody Road partial road block was targeted – it reads “entry to Dermody Road restricted 60 yards ahead”, but the restricted part was painted over.  

A bollard in Leyland Road was also targeted.  

This Is Local London:

The council said the “deliberate damage” was dangerous and puts road users at risk.

On May 7 it tweeted: “Criminals have vandalised the road closure at Leyland Road and road signs near Dermody Road.  

“This deliberate damage is dangerous and puts road users at risk. It’s been reported to the police and the Council will take action to support the police in stopping criminal damage.” 

This Is Local London:

This Is Local London:

The council had recently changed the signage around the Dermody Road modal filter after it issued more than 17,000 fines to drivers in four months.   

The decision followed a resident’s Freedom of Information request which revealed the number of fines issued in the scaled back LTN.  

The PCNs in Dermody Road have a value of between £1,138,020 and £2,276,040, depending on whether they are paid within two weeks or not (£65 v £130).  

The council increased the size of the signs, painted ‘no motor vehicles’ on the road, and added a new sign warning drivers approaching the road. 

Another road closure in the borough, not part of the LTN, has also been repeatedly vandalised.  

The closure in Glenbow Road, Downham, should be enforced by a bollard, though it is frequently being pushed down.   

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