Mental Health Issues Spiralling Out Of Control – Elaha Moosa, Gumley House School FCJ

Currently, mental health problems are at a peak within the youngest generation. Mental Health Foundation states that mental health problems affect around one in six children and a total of 75% of young children that have these mental health conditions aren’t getting the help they need. This is cause for concern because with rate of increase in mental health conditions rapidly growing, it may spiral out of control… 

Frequently, the mental health issues children face nowadays are anxiety, depression and conduct disorder. For teenagers, potential causes for these mental health conditions can be traced back to pressures of social media, exam stress and low self-esteem. Modern society revolves around the media and with such, teenagers are seemingly becoming more co-dependent of social media platforms for a sense happiness and escape from the pressures of reality. On top of that, constant demand from parents and teachers to exceed expectations and achieve fantastic grades only begin to form piles of stress for students. Especially in the current era with covid, education has been disrupted and made GCSE learning for those in years nine, ten and eleven much more difficult. 

Nonetheless, while having mental health issues do pose to be a constant and draining battle – it is defeatable. There are numerous helplines for the youth in seek for urgent help facing mental health issues, such as Young Minds: an organisation created to help young people on the journey out of bad mental health. However, it is always best to try and prevent getting a mental health condition instead of fighting one. For instance, taking good care of yourself and making sure to socialise with others or doing activities such as sports, allows our brains to be kept busy and constantly thriving – decreasing the chance of getting a mental health issue. In addition, if you ever feel down, talking to someone you trust like a family member, friend or doctor can help get things off your chest; that if kept in, would only weigh you down and stop you from being your best self. 

Furthermore, being able to spot if someone if suffering from a mental health condition, is just as important as spotting one in yourself. People suffering from mental health conditions could potentially start eating less or entirely lose their appetite leading to constant fatigue and inability to do simple everyday tasks. People may isolate themselves away from others; trapping themselves in their thoughts and barricading themselves away from healthy human contact. Through learning about the causes and preventions of mental health issues, we are able to come together and fight it, united – thus, why it is crucial to inform ourselves on matters such as this one! 

In such a fast-paced society, we may not be able to always keep up with everyone or everything surrounding us. Feeling slow in a lively environment can have it’s toll. Therefore, we should take time for ourselves, just as we do our physical health, and focus on our mental wellbeing. In this way, we will be prepared for the big and small obstacles life throws our way. 


(statistic from Mental Health Foundation website -

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