New Sainsbury’s in Berrylands – Zack Zar Tiffin School

A new Sainsbury’s Local has been opened on Raeburn Avenue in Berrylands, Surrey. This new grocery store has replaced an old garage, and brings many everyday food items closer to people’s doorsteps. But how will this affect local businesses?

The new shop is situated under a few apartments, which were all built from the ground up as a new development. It allows local residents to buy several goods without having to drive or walk to Tolworth, where there are some larger food shops, such as M&S and Iceland. Some of the goods that stand out the most when you first walk in are the fresh fruits, vegetables and meats available. These are among the several other aisles of snacks and other foods.

This Is Local London: The new Sainsbury's Local in BerrylandsThe new Sainsbury’s Local in Berrylands

However, while it is convenient for some residents, it may have negative effects on some of the other shops nearby. There is a small parade of shops located on Raeburn Avenue, and some of these are newsagents. Whereas before some residents may have gone to one of these newsagents to quickly grab something like milk or eggs, they now may be tempted to go to the Sainsbury’s instead. This could sadly result in less business for these smaller shops.

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