New Year Message, Lauderdale House, Highgate, 2022

2022 has flown by so fast! I don’t think any of us at Lauderdale House can quite believe it.

We’re certainly relieved that the spectre of Covid, or at least its most devastating impact, has largely retreated and feel lucky that 2022 has been a busy and vibrant year which has allowed us to bring the House back to life in earnest.

As people’s confidence has grown so has their desire to come together with friends and family for celebrations, exhibitions, performances and classes. We’ve not had a quiet moment – exactly how it should be!

We are, however, also left with a heightened awareness of the volatility of our times and a sense that not only must we share the good things we have but also, as the world gets tougher for many, see what we can to make life better. As a centre for arts, education and heritage that means bringing joy to people through creativity, increasing our free activities, continuing our free schools programme and building new and deeper relationships with the wide range of people who are our neighbours.

We know that the economic climate will likely mean a reduction in income for us but, even so, there is much we can do with what we have. From January we’re opening up our gallery twice a week as a warm space for homework, study and crafting. We also have ambitious plans for a largescale performance in Waterlow Park bringing together over 100 local people as performers for ‘Garden for the Gardenless’.

It can only happen if we can raise extra significant funding but, even if we can’t, we’ll have initiated new conversations and relationships with the community and who knows what might come from that? 2023 will be challenging but we truly believe it can be a year of hope and new beginnings if we work together and share.

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