No.79 Hefaure : A Review, Zara Shikder, Parmiter’s School


Upon entering, the cafe is small, yet there’s a very warm and intimate atmosphere brought out by the cream and beige decor, with subtle tones of pink. By the till, their desserts are presented on a large glass cabinet; No.79 specialises in creative mousse desserts, all of which are immensely appetising and so it’s terribly difficult to choose what to order.


I decided to try the White Chocolate Mousse Cake, that’s adorned with a mango mousse filling. The cake was in the shape of a rose – the pristine and intricate details making it seem too glamorous to eat. The taste of the mango was much stronger in comparison to the white chocolate; if you’re a chocolate lover, then this may not be the dessert for you. It wasn’t too sweet, and had a light, fluffy texture, which provides a nice contrast to the intense flavours. 


I had the liberty of speaking to a fellow first-time visitor of the cafe, Isabella, who tried the Dark Chocolate Mousse, which is a large mousse cake filled with caramel ganache and cocoa sponge. She stated that “it was very delicious, once I began eating I couldn’t stop!”


All the desserts are roughly the same price, if ordering a smaller dessert, then it can be said that they are slightly overpriced, however they are most definitely not disappointing. Moreover, the snug ambience of the cafe makes your time there much more pleasant.


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