Not enough is being done about plastic pollution by Jai Raven, Nower Hill High School

Plastic is possibly the most versatile and widely used material around the world. Ever since it’s invention in 1907 it has been used everywhere from packaging to water bottles – living without it seems impossible! But there is a problem: Plastic lasts for thousands of years but most plastic is thrown away after one use. A lot of it eventually ends up in the Oceans where it gets broken down into tiny pieces and poisons the fish that live there.

Recently it was brought to public attention the state of emergency the entire ocean ecosystem was facing and many people have devoted their time and efforts to help clean up the ocean. However the problem is far from fixed, with an increasing population and large companies producing more and more products covered in plastic, the source of the problem only gets worse.

Everyday we hear stories of it snowing plastic in the arctic and fish suffocating in plastic bags and yet we still continue to use the stuff. In the past year companies have made steps towards a solution by banning plastic straws – This is only a small step that ultimately does not make a difference. If you go in any room in your house right now I can guarantee you will find at least 20 items made of or packaged in plastic.

So how can we solve this?
As consumers, companies will sell items that people are more likely to buy. If we boycott single-use plastics, companies will sell less of them and so make less of them. Buy loose fruit and vegetables instead of pre packaged ones. Use a reusable bag. 
For essential plastics like shampoo bottles, stop them from going in the ocean – recycle them or even reuse them.

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