Quarantine Friendly Activities To Do In Isolation At Home by Ibaado Mohamed, Nower Hill High School

With most of us stuck at home during quarantine to try and prevent the spread of further disease, it’s also important we try to keep ourselves entertained and healthy while we are at home. Most of us will have resorted to binge-watching Netflix and on the sofa eating unhealthy food, this is just more likely to make things worse just because you are feeling bored. So here are some ways to keep yourself energised, active and not waste your time while at home for the safety of others.

Firstly, during quarantine, most people have been using paint by numbers. The clues in the name. It’s a guided step where you can paint different shades by following the numbers and you try to recreate some of the worlds bets masterpieces. This activity is sure to keep you active and entertained during hours spent in quarantine and you’ll be able to improve your painting skills as well and become a young Picasso!

Secondly, another main way to keep entertained is to talk and keep up with others while in your personal space. Some teens have started to use houseparty which is an online face to face social network to stay in touch with friends and family wherever they are whilst keeping your distance.

Another interesting way to pass the time is to complete a jigsaw puzzle. It is so satisfying to sit down and try to put pieces together to try and find out the bigger picture. Although it may take a lot of time, it’s a great way to not stay bored and the end result is amazing and seeing all the handwork you’ve put in.

When in isolation your anxiety is going to increase for some. A good way to reduce your anxiety levels is to try yoga. Yoga is seen to have many benefits such as increasing flexibility, helps digestion and also gives you a peace of mind. It gives you a level head and is great for times of stress and anxiety. There are many YouTube tutorials and apps online to help you find your zen.

Finally, an important way to improve your mental health is to tidy and declutter your room. You might spend hours depending on how dirty your room is, and you might find things you lost or having seen in 5 months and the end result will be amazing.

Overall, remember to stay safe during these tough times and keep a level head. Hopefully, these ideas might help you to not feel as bored during your time in quarantine!

By Ibaado Mohamed, Nower Hill High School

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