RAG Week: From Treasure Hunts to Top of the Pops… By Mei Thum, CLFS

Every year, City of London Freemen’s School hosts a Raising and Giving week, known by the students as RAG week. The task of planning and hosting this week is given to students in the Lower Sixth (year 12.) Although a challenging task, the buzz that runs through the school each year during March makes it more than worthwhile. This year, Sixth Form students Mei Thum and Jennifer Spratt took a lead in organising the week alongside the RAG committee and Charities Co-ordinator, Miss Headdey. Lily Thum, a year seven student explained “RAG week is for the whole school which makes it really special. It was nice to feel that our money was going to a good cause while having fun at the same time.”

RAG week kicked off on Monday 6th March. With preparations complete and activities at the ready the Lower Sixth were excited to bring their plans into reality. Events began with a Krispy Kreme donut sale in which almost 500 donuts were sold in the space of 15 minutes! The donuts were followed by a Throw the Sponge at the Teacher, resulting in many happy students and some very soggy teachers. The next few days were filled with funfair games, dodgeball matches, a dizzy goggles obstacle course, a row-athon, a bake sale, a guess the teacher quiz and an Easter treasure hunt. Lily stated “my favourite was the Easter treasure hunt, I loved the key rings which were given as prizes!”

Last but not least, a Teacher Top of the Pops and RAG ‘n’ Roll Talent show were held. Watching both  the youngest and eldest members of the school perform in the same show was a highlight for many as well as watching teachers take to the stage to compete for number 1 in top of the pops. The position was claimed by the Science department, with their rendition of Kylie Minogue’s La La La voted as the overall favourite.    

RAG Week was a huge success and enjoyed by all, including headmaster Mr Martin who celebrated the event in his newsletter report “I am so proud of everyone who got involved to help make it such a success.” RAG week has certainly been memorable this year, with the amount of money raised making it all the more worthwhile. Students are already looking forward to next year’s events – after all, there is yet to be another school event in which you get to throw sponges, dress in sparkly wigs and watch your teachers in a pop performance!   

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