Returning to normal life: How different will it be? Josh Dear, Parmiter’s

As the number of endless days that we’ve been stuck in confinement for increases, we ask ourselves more and more the question of when this ordeal will really end. Yes supposedly, we’ve reached the peak, but what next? Do we really know what to expect once the lockdown has finally ended? For certain, we know it’s not the case. But let’s suppose that there are some benefits to having stayed inside…For a change we look at some of the so called “positive” impacts from confinement. 


The environment


Just before the awakening of the virus, the environment definitely topped some of the world’s highly disregarded aspects of life. We have obviously been prevented from going outside as often as we were which has encouraged us to use our daily methods of transport that has saved us some time less! With cars being the mostly used method of transport, they were responsible for the shocking 80% of polluted air that those who lived in urban areas breathed in. With less and less use, we have seen some of the best conditions the environment has ever been in. Slowly but surely, we are seeing the positive impacts of nature slowly repairing itself for the endless amounts of damage we were inflicting. China itself, has managed to reduce NO2 levels by 40% which equates to removing 192,000 cars! It’s something worth thinking about…







It can be tough trying to count the endless days of quarantine especially when there’s nothing to do, and other things are on our minds! But making sure we stay in contact with friends, family and the neighbourhood has never been more important, and we have seen communities unite with each other in order to provide support and comfort at difficult times. Before, we would’ve never seen such things including our weekly clap for the endless hard work the NHS provide, Captain Tom Moore’s endless amounts of money from fundraising, and plenty more examples of us helping others, from buying shopping for someone or doing the small jobs around the house. A helping hand goes a long way! But it all goes to show how strong our community has become, and all of us have definitely learnt a lesson or two from what all of us are really capable of doing.








Who thought family would have been so important? Whether it’s checking in on the grandparents or playing the occasional boardgame with a sibling, small things such as these really make sure that we’re all there for each other. It can often be stressful being near each other all the time. Just give each other space, but at the same time, let’s make sure we embrace these times as much as possible. We don’t know what’s around the corner and when we all finally return back to work and school or wherever, these will be the moments we remember.






Exercise and other hobbies


For many of us, our mental health has been impacted massively. Nobody is alone. It’s so important to make sure each and every one of us are there for each other. There are things we can be doing too to make sure we’re on top of things. Exercise is one of the best ways to get out there and take a break from whatever is worrying us. Go for a 30-minute run or try cycling. Even though you may think cardio is pointless and boring, stay disciplined and give it a go and you may find a sport you really love! There are other things we can do too. Some of the best things I like to do is make a new music playlist every so often. Tastes will change, so see what new music interests you! There is an endless amount of ideas, but the point is trying to stick to a plan every day. For some, confinement has really given us a change of lifestyle that we may eventually stick to in the future. 



Always remember however hard things may get, take yourself back to something happy, take some time off. Take a step back and reflect on how things look on the outside – you don’t always have to keep high expectations of yourself during these strange times!



Stay safe everyone!

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