Should the United Kingdom legalise the death penalty? By Rohan Chauhan, Nower Hill High School

Should the United Kingdom legalise the death penalty?

Is it ever justified, such as for the most momentous crimes? Or do you believe it is a consistently sadistic and unconventional form of punishment? Nevertheless, do you regard it should be halted due to practical reasons, as it could be pricey and unjustly carried out? Moreover, sentencing someone to die is the final callous punishment sine there is no returning from the perpetuation of capital punishment.

Capital punishment was unauthorized by the UK government in 1965 through the murder (abolition of the death penalty act). However, in the United States of America, the fundamental reason it is still present in 29 states because it acts as a deterrence. Furthermore, over many decades’ capital punishment has been extremely prominent but support has been at its largest decline over the last forty years. Scrutinizers of the death penalty fundamentally believe it is an inexcusable killing mechanism which operates at high costs. Alternatively, the barbaric killing of criminals does not allow the person to repent and reform and give back to society through community services such as removing graffiti off buildings, decorating public spaces and litter picking which also benefits the environment. Nevertheless, another alternative is a prison sentence which arguably allows the criminal to reflect on their actions committed also the government offers rehabilitation schemes to support the criminal when their time in imprisonment comes to an end for example lessons in problem-solving, substance misuse and building skills for recovery.

A few countries perform the death penalty on people who committed a crime before the age of their legal responsibility (eighteen), others countries use it in opposition to innocent people with mental health issues and some sort of disability and many who have encountered unfair trials in obvious violation of international law. Moreover, this can create a long-term bereavement period for families losing their loved ones in an unfair court case.

To conclude, capital punishment is an extremely callous and inhumane mechanism of punishment. I and many charities oppose the idea of reintroducing the death penalty in all cases without exclusion disregarding of who is blamed, the main circumstances of the crime, guilt or plain innocence or the alarming method of execution.

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