Things to do when stuck in quarantine, by Priyal Dhanjal from The Henrietta Barnett School for Girls

The global pandemic known as Covid-19 has caused school children across the country to be stuck at home in quarantine in order to stay safe and help try to overcome the issue. One of the key issues that has been particularly identified through social media is that teens are ‘bored’ and don’t know what to do with their new hours of freetime. Below is a guide of things that can help keen your brain stimulated and entertained throughout this period of quarantine in order to maintain a comfortable lifestyle.

1) Read books

You now have a plethora of free time on your hands, so take the chance to read some of the novels that you never had time for. It will help reduce stress in this critical time, as well as improve your analytical thinking and writing skills. 

2) Learn a new instrument

You have the opportunity to learn a new skill such as a new instrument, which can actually help stimulate your brain and increase your memory. You also have the ability to learn how to play all your favourite songs so that you can then play along with them. It is also scientifically proven to increase your IQ by 7 points. There are lots of tutorials to learn how to play musical instruments on ‘Youtube’.

3) Learn a new language

By learning a new language, you firstly gain cultural awareness of different places around the world, which can be advantageous when travelling. Additionally, you can make international friends and improve your memory. Learning a language gives you the ability to converse across the globe with new people and make connections. This can be done on apps such as ‘Duolingo.’

4) Organise your life

Tidy up your room and organise all your schoolwork from last year. You could even take the time to redecorate your room with polaroids and photos for a change and give your room a different feel. Furthermore, take this time to sort through your emails to get rid of any spam and reply to any that you missed. Get rid of unwanted email subscriptions. 

5) Stay active

Staying active is highly important during the current situation. Teens should be exercising for around 60 minutes each day, which will be beneficial to their mental health and wellbeing. This will cause you to release endorphins, which will therefore make you happier. It also improves sleep patterns and your mood. There are countless amounts of fitness videos on ‘Youtube’ that can be done without any sort of equipment from the comfort of your own home – an example of this is ‘The Body Coach’.


By Priyal Dhanjal

This Is Local London | North-West