Unusual Art – Drop the cartridge paper and graphite pencil by Megan Bantleman, Nower Hill High School

For years, we have been limited to simple tonal drawings, however now it is time to extend our artistic flares. We should explore new and unusual art mediums and techniques.

Recently, I have learnt a new artistic skill (pyrography). I was shocked that I had only heard of this interesting technique after almost 16 years. This involves using a pyrography pen to engrave (by burning) designs on wood. You can also add paint once the design has been engraved. I have burnt patterns on record crates, chopping boards and wood slices.

Other contemporary and unique artists that I have discovered include Mbongeni Buthelezi, a South African artist in East Johannesburg who actually paints with burned recycled plastic. Not only does this create exciting and stunning work, it also helps combat climate change by not needing to purchase any new materials which may be harmful to the environment themselves or involve transport and shipping adding to the world’s pollution.

Another inspirational artist is Stacey Webber in Indiana. Instead of using coins to buy her art products, her coins are her art product, she ingeniously forges different coins into magnificent sculptures.

by Megan Bantleman Finally, Chris Maynard in Washington is an extremely talented artist who cuts out bird silhouettes into bird feathers. This intricate art (like Buthelezi) is utterly environmentally-friendly and incorporates nature into his masterpieces.

If you are ever bored inside on a rainy day and feel the urge to let your artistic side run wild, why not trade the traditional paper or canvas with wood burning, plastic melting, embroidery or pottery?

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