Where is Kim Jong-un? by Jai Raven, Nower Hill High School

The North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has disappeared. His disappearance has brought about speculation of his death or a possible health emergency. He was last seen on the 11th of April 2020

Could it be Coronavirus?
Despite there being “Zero cases” of COVID-19 in North Korea, Kim Jong-un might have it or be hiding from it. Satellite images have shown what appears to be Kim Jong-un’s luxury boat, where he could be isolating himself. This makes sense as Kim Jong-un could be more at risk from COVID-19 due to a number of things. It is thought that he is morbidly obese which makes him 10 times more likely to die of the virus. His family also has a history of heart conditions and Kim Jong-un is well known for smoking and heavy drinking and even claims to have drank 10 bottles of wine in one night which can lead to heart and liver problems.

Is he ill?
Evidence suggests that Kim Jong-un is not a well man despite being only 36 years old, due to his lifestyle choices and also possible neurological conditions like Focal dystonia and Parkinson’s disease which he has shown symptoms of. There has been reports of him having heart surgery, however these have not been confirmed.

Is he dead?
There has been many reports of his death from many news outlets and social media, but this has been confirmed as fake news. There is no evidence to suggest his death at all.
If he did die, the entire country of North Korea would undergo a period of mourning and someone else would take over. The most likely successor is Kim Jong-un’s sister, Kim Yo-jong, and continue the Kim family’s reign of terror.

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