Windy Weather Causes Chaos

During February, there has been news  of such violent weather. The Storm Eunice packed people with despair and damage as their gardens were left with wind disrupting it. Simren Paul aged 15 has said ‘‘this tremendously dangerous weather has flipped my trampoline’’ as she was one of the people to be affected by the wind.

It was said that going to school was not safe and the best path to take was that it should be cancelled. However, Storm Eunice has also impacted on some of the rivers therefore leading to flooding. This happens as the wind controls the water and causes the current of the water to change. As the storm surges with water it influences the flow which leads the river to flood the town and this results in an unfortunate ending. 


As red warnings flashed on television, early in the morning, persuading humanity to stay at home, many issues were increasing as citizens were worried about their properties being harmed. As the hours passed, many incidents occurred such as: tents falling apart, gates breaking and even people falling on the road. Storm eunice made it clear that whoever went outside will be blown away by the powerful breeze. These strong winds were powerful and soon, it sweeped up on the roads resulting in leaves being scattered onto the floor. 


The streets were full of gusty wind and twigs fell off the branches of the trees which were certainly dangerous if you were to walk below a tree. There were also incidents where someone’s washing flew to the next door neighbours. The storm proved to people that it was best if they stayed indoors and that was why the roads were not busy that day. 


After the presence of Storm Eunice, the next day Storm Franklin appeared also with such disruptive wind. Storm Franklin was just as powerful so this leads to people being very cautious when going outside just in case another pedestrian falls. Everyone who was out that day were struggling to keep on their feet and were clinging to poles once another wave of air pushed them. Stormy weathers can be damaging at times and its up to us to keep ourselves safe.


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