Young Reporter|ARC – Why you should adopt, not shop|Emily S Hollyfield

The charity strongly advocates the message that “Every animal is to be loved and cared for”, to live “a healthy and happy life”. Additionally, they passionately promote the message “Adopt, don’t shop”.

So why is adopting a pet of more importance than simply purchasing one from your local pet shop?

A study conducted by Center for Shelter Dogs in 2012 revealed that dogs kept in puppy mills (inhumane, crowded and unsanitary breeding farms, which are commonly the source of pet shops’ dogs) showed significantly higher rates of health problems compared to the general pet dog population. These dogs displayed signs of long-lasting psychological scars and did not mentally function as a typical, healthy dog would. In fact, only 24% of puppy mills in the USA are licensed by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). This in itself is concrete evidence that the majority of the animals sold in pet shops have suffered from unfit conditions, and improper care – this trauma may affect them for the rest of their lives. 

So how does ARC guarantee a bright future for any animals left unwanted on the streets?

In the adoption process, ARC ensures that all animals are health checked and professionally sexed, vaccinated, neutered, wormed and flead, before going to new homes where they will receive proper, and loving care. A recent adopter in September stated that ARC “care a lot about animals and work hard to ensure they are in good health and that they go to suitable homes.”

So why continue to support and waste your money on unethical companies that care not for the welfare of the animals they sell, but only for the money that they earn from you? Instead, you can support ARC in what they do, and when the time comes when you may choose to take in a pet, adopt from ARC, or any other local charity with the same values. 

Your next pet could be waiting for you to choose them on ARC’s website.

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