Rubbish in the local area by Trey Bowen

There are many problems in the local area with people throwing rubbish in the streets. If left for a long time, the bins will overflow and can leave a bad smell. Without being emptied, it can also attract rodents, which causes more problems for those living in the area.

What can be done to solve it?

  • Cleaner streets – have more bins placed to avoiod people throwing rubbish on the floor.
  • Empty bins when overflowing.
  • Have stricter fines for people who break the law from throwing rubbish on the streets.
  • Teach about rubbish/recycling in schools 
  • Make it easier for people to get to recycling centres if people don’t have cars.

We would like people to clean up after themselves because it affects the environment and all of us and we would like nice and rubbish free cleaner streets.

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