Young Reporter – The Fashion Show Avni Arora Tiffin Girls’ School


The night started off with a segment from the year 9 students. Each of the 6 form groups had been assigned a different theme, based on which they had to curate their very own look. Each class then modelled their outfits on the runway whilst performing dances to the music. The atmosphere was absolutely brilliant, and everyone, especially the students themselves seemed to be having a blast. 


After the lively performances from the younger students, the show turned to a more serious note. The A level and GCSE art students had been working on creating “wearable sculptures” as a portion of their course work. The wearable sculptures were essentially the perfect blend between fashion and art: they were quite literally sculptures that could be worn. The level of creativity and skill behind each and every sculpture was simply outstanding. The GCSE students had been focusing on the theme of natural forms, meaning that every sculpture had been inspired by an aspect of nature. Some found their inspiration in plants and flowers and others amongst fossils and rocks. Furthermore, there were various crafting techniques present throughout the various sculptures, some students had chosen to work with paper mache and others with felt and fabric. As an audience member I was impressed to say the least by the level of craftsmanship that such young artists had achieved. 


To conclude the show, there was a final segment called ‘The Charity Shop Challenge’. Each year 8 and 10 class from the school had been randomly assigned a teacher whom they had to dress up according to a random theme. They were then given £30 and had to pick out an outfit for the teacher from their local charity shop. They then had to strut down the ramp in their fabulous outfits, and the best outfit and walk would get the honour of winning the challenge. This segment of the show was by far a crowd favourite, Sage Udernani said,“I absolutely loved how involved all the teachers were, it was great to see them interact with the students in a more fun environment.”


Overall, I think the Fashion Show was a complete success and I will definitely be returning next year. 


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