Young Reporter – What next? – Soham Madnurkar, Wilson’s School


Personally, I would highly recommend making a new years resolution, and making sure to follow through with your commitment. Many of you might usher the idea away, thinking it is something that’s meant to be done in primary school as a bit of fun, but I honestly don’t see why it can’t be applied to everyone. Many of us are tires of being the way we are, and we know we want to change, improve and fulfil our dreams, but we don’t know when to start. To those of you who are in this position, I’m telling you, now is the time to start. This is the perfect benchmark from where you can become a better version of yourself.


Perhaps you could start eating on a healthier diet to get into better shape or start jogging on a daily basis in your local parks. Maybe pick up a new instrument or a new skill, or even something as simple as promising to be more grateful and kind for the world you live in and everything you have. Whatever it is, you have to commit to it. Preferably, you could let someone know about your goals so that they can motivate you to work harder and push you to your limit to unleash your full potential.


I know many of you will just scroll on after seeing this, and I get it. You probably don’t want to change anything; you’re happy with life as it is. However, maybe just consider adding some small changes to your life, things that could make a small difference, but yet a difference.

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